About our company

About Edmonton City Towing Services

Edmonton City Towing is a fully licensed and insured towing company in Edmonton, featuring the latest technology in our fleet that help us locate you and handle your vehicles with extra special care. We’re passionate about everything we do when towing and roadside assistance is involved and we maintain that passion in every job we do, and in every investment we make into our fleet.

You can throw a rock in any direction and hit towing companies that offer similar services, and that’s the problem. Most towing companies in Edmonton offer the same selection of cookie cutter services but lack that edge you need when you’re looking for a towing provider.

Edmonton Towing Services was born out of a need for professional, corporate fleet level towing services at an affordable rate that everyone can afford. Edmonton needs a specialized towing service to cover it and the small surrounding communities and we provide that car tow and flatbed wrecker service.


How Edmonton City Towing is Different

Strip the name away from those other two truck companies; whether in a brochure or a website, and they all look the same. We’re different because even if you tore the tag from our shirts you’re still left with smiling technicians that are experienced, professional and courteous. We offer benefits, with or without our name, that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Another Edmonton towing company or motor club might come and unlock your doors or bring you a can of fuel but don’t be fooled into believing that they can provide the same level of care in safely towing your vehicle that a professional, corporate-level fleet can provide.

When you see our trucks, you can rest assured that your vehicle is being handled by an Edmonton towing company that cares about you and your vehicle.


Any Time, Any Place, Any Weather, Edmonton City Towing Is Ready To Respond

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We Provide Towing and Emergency Road Side Services In Edmonton and The Following Areas

St. Albert Beaumont Looma
Leduc Devon Bremmer
Tofield New Sarepta Cooking Lake
Spruce Grove Stony Plain
Nisku Ft. Saskatchewan Woodbend
SherwoodPark Bretona And other communities
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