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Our Scrap Car Removal services

The fastest, easiest way to scrap your car in Edmonton Instant Scrap Car Removal services: Call Now. (780) 909-3139 - Talk about speedy!

We especially cover Edmonton area and suburbs Tofield / New Sarepta / Cooking Lake / St. AlbertLeduc / Sherwood Park/ Nisku / Devon/ Ft. Saskatchewan / Bretona / Looma / Bremmer / Woodbend / Beaumont. Be sure to get it done correctly today.


Edmonton City Towing Road Service- Tire Change Services

Need An Environmentally Friendly Car Disposal?

Edmonton City Towing Services specialise in scrap car collection and vehicle scrapping with the minimum impact to the environment. We are committed to providing high-quality scrap removal services around Edmonton.
Need An Environmentally Friendly Car Disposal? Call (780) 909-3139. Our 24 HR. dispatch center for Best Scrap Car Removal at Edmonton.

Anywhere/Anytime we collect in 24hrs. Instant Scrap Car Removal services


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Fast and safe Scrap Car Removal in Edmonton now comes free of cost.

You know that your car, bike, truck or trailer has gone waste. Yet, you don’t trust the salvage yards to safely remove your vehicle from your house. The engine has burnt, the tires are missing and all you wish is to get the scrap quickly taken away. Your wish shall be granted! Dial (780) 909-3139 . You could be living in any corner of Edmonton; we are just a call away; offering the fastest scrap car removing service in Edmonton.

Responsible and Eco-friendly scrap car removal at Edmonton


Edmonton City Towing Road Service- Flatbed Towing Services

What makes Edmonton City Towing best Edmonton Scrap cars removal company ?

In any situation where safety and care of a vehicle (and other motorists) is a concern then flatbed towing with a flatbed wrecker is often the best choice. When you need to tow cars, equipment or other large vehicles off the ground, flatbed trucks offer the most versatility. Trust your vehicle in the hands of the most experienced flatbed tow truck service in Edmonton.

You can give us a call any day of the week, any time of the day!


Edmonton City Towing Service - 24 HR Emergency Roadside Assistance

You can give us a call any day of the week, any time of the day!

In less than an hour, we would be there to haul your vehicle. Even, if your car or truck refuses to budge from its place, we know how to tow it. No wonder, we offer easy, fast and reliable scrap car removal services Free of Cost.

And of course any local and long distance towing that may be required as a result of a breakdown when you call for roadside assistance in Edmonton


Edmonton City Towing Service - Free Junk Car Removal

Scrap Car Removal Handled by trusted professionals

From the executive who answers your phone call and the one who schedules the scrap removal, to the towing team that handles your scrap car and finally delivers it to the Junk yards; every member of our team is truly professional. Our professional dealing makes the entire process organized and hassle-free.

Call Dispatch for Free Scrap Car Removal Today: (780) 909-3139


Edmonton City Towing Service - Free Junk Car Removal

Free Services with Fast Pick Up

We don’t charge you for removing your scrap car in Edmonton. Yes, we do it for free. You can avail our scrap car removal services fully free of cost!.

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Edmonton City Towing Services - Local, City and Long Distance Towing

Accepts any kind of vehicles, cars, vans and light trucks

Old jeep, broken trunks and worn seats; we remove everything from your scrap car. The vehicle could or couldn’t be in a working condition. We’ll pick up your car anyways! Call us at 780-909-3139 and we’ll remove your scrap car

Contact Us Now for Local Scrap Car Removal (780) 909-3139